Our Dream

One day we are going to see Palestine be free. Standing tall among all countries. Liberated from any external oppression. Independent to determine its course. Empowered to build and sustain its fundamentals as a Nation.
We believe economic empowerment will help liberate Palestine. By being strong in economy, social foundation can be strengthened too. Job creation will overcome unemployment. And new lives will flourish in Palestine.

Let’s Participate in Economic Empowerment

Palestinian farmers  often face difficulties. Even when they are able to pick their crops, they do not get good prices for their produce due to limited market available to them. Ariha offers an avenue for farmers and producers to successfully market their goods outside the Palestinian Territories.
When sourcing our products, we ensure all produce originates from Palestinian farms and factories. We make sure the farmers and workers are paid a fair price for their products. Not only does our operation help the farmers but we also pack all products locally using local packaging factories. Thus creating jobs for many workers. Our orders also create opportunities for local printing and transport companies.


Our Journey

Ariha first came to Indonesia in 2018. Since then, we presented the finest agricultural produce of Palestine namely medjoul dates and extra virgin olive oil to Indonesian market, as a better alternative to existing products imported from elsewhere.
The support and enthusiasm from Indonesia are overwhelming. We welcome consumers from different backgrounds and communities. All united for the cause of healthy lifestyle and humanity.
The huge effort we put to introduce Ariha is now bearing fruits. Ariha is now widely known as premium health food brand with a cause. We look forward to reach all of Indonesia and Asia.