Medium 5kg


Medium sized dates available in this economical 5kg pack for the generous you to distribute. Sharing Ariha medjoul dates actually makes you double give; to the Palestinians and also the ones receiving the dates.

Ariha Medjoul Dates are renowned for their premium quality. Harvested near the historical Palestinian town of Ariha (أريحا Arīh̨ā or Jericho); these dates are some of the highest quality available. We carefully pick our dates and store them in a controlled and cooled environment to maintain freshness. Our Medjoul dates have been cultivated on Palestinian land by Palestinian farmers and workers.

It has the distinctive large size with succulent texture and mildly rich caramel-like taste. Naturally sweet with no added sugar or syrup. No additives or preservatives. Suitable for vegetarian, vegan, raw and healthy diets. Can be used as a natural sweetener in desserts and smoothies. Place in an air tight container and store in the refrigerator to keep your dates fresh all the time.

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